What we’ve been up to in West Africa, so far…

Many of our members have already been active in the region for several years and we have recently launched our first joint initiatives. Find out more in the lines below. 

YWS and cewas support 18 pilot projects in Senegal and Côte d’Ivoire 

Two west-African editions of the Young Water Fellowship (YWF), a programme providing training and seed funding for social entrepreneurs in the WASH sector, are currently underway in Ivory Coast and Senegal. Implemented by Young Water Solutions (YWS) in partnership with cewas and local incubators (Incub’Ivoir and Concree), the YWF is supporting 18 start-ups from the region to implement their pilot projects, building on the training sessions conducted in 2020. Stakeholder dialogues are also being organised in both countries to encourage catalytic and supportive ecosystems for WASH entrepreneurship Read more.

10 SMEs selected for the “Performing SME Programme” by ForthInvestment and Aqua for All

Ten high potential SMEs active in the water and sanitation sector have been selected and are supported by ForthInvestment and Aqua for All. The initiative has been implemented in a consortium that also includes Maison de la PME (affiliated to Société GénéraleSinergiIRC Burkina Faso and 2IE. The tailor-made coaching and training trajectory has started and 6 Sanitation and 4 Water SMEs receive tailor-made organisational support and technical assistance with the aim to strengthen their capacity in developing a sustainable organisation and making it investment-ready. Read more.

Antenna is equipping health centres with WATA devices in Chad and Burkina

59 health centres in Burkina and 35 in Chad are currently in the process of being equipped with solar WATA devices and staff are being trained in the production of sodium hypochlorite. The local and autonomous production of chlorine allows to guarantee the supply of disinfectant to health centres and thus to improve sanitary conditions and fight the spread of COVID-19. The Antenna Foundation is coordinating the project together with its spin-off WATALUX SA in collaboration with the Burkinabe enterprise Burex SA and the Chadian company COMECA. Read more.

Exploring the WASH Financing landscape in Mali and Burkina Faso

Aqua for All is in the process of executing two market studies to explore and better understand the WASH Financing needs in Mali and Burkina Faso. In the upcoming two months, local consultants will help Aqua for All gain a better understanding of the WASH markets in their countries, the current mechanisms for financing SMEs and the financing needs of SMEs operating in the WASH sector. The studies aim to identify challenges and opportunities and explore a possible intervention of Aqua for All by partnering with local financial institutions, to increase access to finance for WASH businesses in these two countries.

Improving employment opportunities for young Malians in solid waste businesses

The WASTE Foundation is a partner in the four-year EJOM consortium run by SNV. This programme supports young individuals and small enterprises with start-up funding or a subsidy to improve and expand their business, by for example starting bookkeeping systems. Without these steps, small businesses come to understand that it is more difficult to ask for an official business loan to support and scale-up operations. Waste recently talked to one of the beneficiaries. Read the article here.

“Programme Pour Les Initiatives Gagnantes” has sucessfully been executed in Mali 

Aqua for All has provided training and support to eight innovative Malian early-stage water and sanitation entrepreneurs. “Initiatives Gagnantes” is the first training of its kind in Mali, and coached the participants in the field of capacity building among others. Through this training programme, eight entrepreneurs have worked hard on creating and shaping a solid business plan for their enterprises,  The successful participants are now in the process of applying for funding at Aqua for All. The training programme has been supported by MDF West Africa, CreateamOrange, Mali iNNOV and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the NetherlandsLearn more.

WASH Systems Academy foundational online course in French 

The basics of the WASH Systems Academy foundational online course on ‘WASH systems strengthening’ is soon available in French. It is being made available for free with support of the Waterloo foundation and Aqua for All and it’s is about understanding how to achieve sustainable WASH service delivery for all and how to function effectively in the process. More information on the basic course.